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About Me

I started photography to record my travel log. But it has slowly gotten into my blood like a sweet disease, enveloping every cell present, honing my senses. Now I see a better world around me, I began to take notice of the small embroideries of nature, the play of light, the tiniest creatures which I never even knew existed. My ears now respond to the call of the wild, the songs of the birds, the sweet whisperings of the shrubs. Its like a swamp, one step and it swallows you, slowly, and you find yourself aboard a journey like never before, learning, enjoying, changing....


Eyes, brain and N75


A boring guy from Bangalore....


Mountains, Rivers, Valleys, Forests, Sea, Hiking, Trekking, Lazing, Asterix, TinTin, Kaikini, Sarvagna, Scorpions, Karanth, Dr. Rajkumar, Kasarvalli, Karnad, P Seshadri, T N Seetaram


Please do not use any of my photographs without written permission. You can write to me: sudarshanbg at yahoo dot com